Hi, I’m Kate Walker. On these pages you’ll find my stories for ADULTS and YOUNG ADULTS. I’ve been writing since 1977 – such a long time. Actually, I wrote my very first book when I was about 9.

I loved the PADDINGTON BEAR books and after I’d read the last one, and there were no more left, I took up my pencil and wrote my own. The only thing I remember about that story was how Paddington needed to arm himself for some confrontation, so I had him put a kitchen strainer or colander on his head.

I must have realised how HARD WRITERS WORK because after one and half novels, I hung up my pencil. But it waited for me. Twenty years later I reached for it again. For most of my career I’ve written CHILDREN’S BOOKS. See: <http://www.katewalkerwriter4children.com>.

I loved writing for children but deep down I always wanted to write TOUGHER stories, if I can put it that way. Finally, I’m getting around to it. I think I can see why it took me so long.  I’m an odd-bod writer. My stories, such as  ‘OMENS …‘ and ‘RORY …’ aren’t the topics most people choose.

I write them because I don’t have much choice. My stories choose me. They come along and say ‘WRITE ME! WRITE ME!’ and what’s a dedicated scribbler to do?

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