RORY, MY BROTHER  –  a short story of love & loss.
Rory, My Brother Kate Walker
It’s hard to live with some people, and harder to live without them.
This story is based on
a real family I meet some years ago. Their plight touched me, not least of all that of the older brother. Because the family tried to protect him, he seemed farthest removed from the unfolding tragedy. But there was no protecting him from the fact that sometimes, unfortunately, love hurts.


NO BULLIES NO WAYA novel in emails about bullying in junior high school.
No Bullies No Way Kate Walker
A very personal story between surfer Mitch and mountain- biker Sue.
Sue moves to remote Mt. Warren Central School, but instead of making new friends she quickly finds herself being bullied by another girl. Meanwhile back at her old school, Le Sands High, her cousin Mitch and his mates suddenly find one of their group being threatened by tough-guy Jim and his back-quad goons.
Via emails, Mitch and Sue keep each other updated on events that are soon spiraling out of control.
Sue finally finds a solution to her problem – a solution that was there all along! But overcoming bullies is never easy. As for Mitch, that same solution seems to be his only hope as well, but it requires a courage he struggles to find in himself.

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