Rory, My Brother – a brief tale of love and loss.

Rory, My Brother Kate Walker

It’s hard to live with some people, and hard to live without them.

A story based on a real family whose plight touched my heart.

Most especially the plight of the older brother whose parents tried to protect him from the unfolding tragedy.

But there was no protecting him from the fact that sometimes, unfortunately, love hurts.

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No Bullies, No Way – a novel in emails about bullying in Junior High School.
No Bullies No Way Kate Walker

A very personal story about cousins – surfer Mitch and mountain-biker Sue.

Now at different high schools, the two find themselves having to deal with two very different types of bullies.

Via emails they keep each other updated on the fears, hurts and anger they feel as events spirally out of control.

Can bullies be stopped? Just how much courage does it take?

eBook $3.99
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